It’s crazy … We survived minus 17 degrees in Beijing!

Day 1: I survived minus 17 degrees in Beijing!

It’s crazy …. And coming from my husband who’s deathly afraid of the cold, going to Beijing in the thick of winter, with my mum, 74, my sis-in-law, Fong, 60. My two daughters, Pam and Pauli, and Fong’s daughter, Sharon. When we got down from the plane, the cold hit us with a vengeance ….. Yes, being prepared was important. Thank goodness their aunts had lots of winter wear to lend my two girls and Fong ….

This is the first time my girls have travelled with their grandma. I didn’t know what to expect, especially from Pauli. I always felt there was a reason why she resisted going to visit my mum during CNY, but I didn’t pursue why. Time will heal all wounds, that’s my philosophy in life …. Live and let live. My girls have been inculcated with the proper values and I trust them.

I realized trust is the single most important value when bringing up my children. Trust and believe in them. And the unexpected happen. She held onto her grandma as we left theTemple of Heaven. One on each side of her arm, her grandma and her aunt. It was such a sight to behold as they both held onto her as they walked along ….




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