Gerber’s E-Myth

Day 5: Gerber’s E-Myth

Of all things to learn in Beijing! There’s a vast difference between working on your business and working in your business. Have to thank Meliza for lending me that book. Reading in the coach between journeys from one destination to another makes me absorb more facts, then reflect as I look out of the window. I see Starbucks, KFC, even Breadtalk. And why can they travel? Because they adopted a system that gives you the same experience, the same efficiency, the same taste wherever the customer is. Well, not the same taste exactly, but the same way it is prepared. So that’s how it is. Okay, The Unique Classroom has its own methodology, its own unique outcomes and its experience beyond the learning. Coupled with the awards and the publishing, it is quite the fun way to compete with yourself and the whole world. I really enjoy the process of working with young kids. They see the world filled with so much opportunities.

I decided the Young Author Scheme will first go  into Indonesia …. And lo and behold, I had interest from Arkan’s mum who runs a a pre-school. Man, this is uncanny. But it also says something else …. That whatever you can imagine, you can conceive, and you can make come true. Just got to work on the systems and procedures.

Life is so wonderful when you love what you are doing …. And you know what you want to do with what you have.


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