The hutong: where the average Chinaman lived

Day 4: The Hutong: where the average Chinaman lived

It’s an eye-opener, going into the house along the alley and learning how to make jiaozi or dumpling. I realized that life goes on …. These houses were built during the Ming dynasty times, 500 years ago and they still last. No doubt generations come and go, but the structure remains. And yes, like every city, houses get unaffordable and the young move off to seek their fortune elsewhere. In Singapore, it’s no different. I sent my girls overseas because someday they have to be independent, and they have to learn that stepping out of their comfort zone is crucial. Learning to step out and survive is crucial. But at the same time being true to yourself. How? Through helping each other out. Through putting yourself is someone else’s shoes.

SF succeeded because he had the 4Ds: diligence, determination, discipline and most important, drive. He had focus …. Ensuring he takes care of his family. I must learn from him. Because now I am on my way to licensing. My IPOS grant is approved which means one thing. There is no turning back. I have prepared for this for 10  years. Now I must move, step by step, slowly but surely.


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