Wrapped warmly in a blanket of snow

Day 6: Wrapped warmly in a blanket of snow

Lieu Qing, our Beijing guide, taught me a different way of viewing the trees standing starkly along the roads, completely devoid of leaves. Reminds one of twigs ready to be cut down for firewood. No, she said the snow covered them snugly and the roots under the ground, were clad in a blanket and sipping the white snowy milk. Interesting, this viewpoint. It reminds me of hibernation, conserving resources, then blossoming in the spring. Wow, very vivid imagery! It’s about having everything having a place in the world …. And falling into place once everything is aligned properly. It’s about believing in what you are doing and drawing strength from your own values and principles.

What are my values? I use an acronym ….. To be Grateful, Responsible, Ethical, Accountable, Tenacious. GREAT! These are values I want to inculcate in my team. I think Nannette and Meliza have these values, but Carlo lacks tenacity. He gives up easily, but he is learning. I like to take a chance on him.


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