The Blue Planet Live! Finding the Equilibrium

20130210-130120.jpgThe Blue Planet Live! Finding the Equilibrium

No, it’s not a sci-fi movie! It’s the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra playing with images of some of the most fascinating creatures on earth on the giant screen. Why blue? Because it’s about the vast ocean, which occupy close to two-thirds of our earth. Yes, music can soothe the most savage beast ….. Music can also redeem the most savage beast in our so blinkered eyes, that they too have a part to play on this earth, that yes, they, too, have young to nurture and if we so much as look within ourselves …. Don’t we find that we are more savage than them? Why do we fear sharks and then take an adverse pleasure in eating their fins? Why do we do sport fishing and fall over each other to bring in the biggest, heaviest marlin? 

All this is food for thought (pun not intended!) but yesterday was more than just a concert. It’s enjoying it, not because it’s some famous, talked-about concert, but because I just enjoy it. Going with the flow, getting lost in the sounds, feeling the pleasure and the pain of each creature as the music lightens, quickens, gets heavy, gets ominous, but yes, bringing me into the moment. And yes, knowing Pauli enjoys it as much as I did. Makes me feel so happy that she took the trouble to book tickets so we both could enjoy it. You can’t describe feelings like this …. It’s just so special and real 🙂


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