Farmer’s Market: cool, warm and so full of laughter!

Farmer’s Market: Cool, Warm and so full of laughter

Morning sun with a wind that blows away the heat. We sit outside, the smells of bacon, egg and toast wafting from the stands outside the market. Peals of laughter, rich and fun, I hear as I write into my IPad, yes, it’s a Sunday morning and the people around me are having fun, just being themselves! This is people-watching at its best …. Families playing together, eating together, just happy together!

I don’t know if having acute observation awareness is good for me. I tend to read more into things and events I observe and try to give a meaning to it. Might be bad if I am cynical and morbid, but I think I try to read the good and hopeful in Everything I see ….. It’s the spirit of co-existence, co-operation, hope, giving. I see it here, I see it in Dharamsala, different kinds of happiness but same, same, as they would say, it comes from the heart, a big big heart … And it comes with smiles and laughter.

Pauli and me had breakfast at a cafe stand outside the market. Best bacon and egg wrap I ever tasted 🙂 the market was refreshing …. Cooking class with a dash of come, enjoy and share; cherry juice, 2 kg produces 1 liter, amazing; so many different kinds of potatoes, fascinating; and wow! Unique flavours of ice-cream, so cool!










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