Why I Wrote This Book

Can a woman Love! Live Dangerously! And Have Fun! Sure, why not?

Can a woman Love! Live Dangerously! And Have Fun! Sure, why not?

My backcover says it all ... thank you to the awesome people who make my life so wonderful!

My backcover says it all … thank you to the awesome people who make my life so wonderful!

Dear All, especially Wicked Witty Women in this very connected world:

I launched my book on June 2, 2013, at a forum Real Women, Real Conversations. Carrie Tan, founder of Daughters of Tomorrow, co-organised this forum with me, but she did all the work as I was busy with my own Young Author Awards. Thank you, Carrie, from the bottom of my heart, for your work with underprivileged women to help them eke out a living.

Love, Live Dangerously! And Have Fun! is meant to help women too, women who wanna find that purpose in their life again …. I’ve written it in a “hey-I’ve-gone-thro-this” tongue-in-cheek style. and like to hear from women out there who are reading this. So, I’ve decided to put the book on my blog, yes, the whole book, chapter by chapter, word by word. Share with me your moments too, if you think you identify with what I’ve written, or hey, think I’m just whining …. or well, we all have our bad hair days …. share with me. I love to hear from you. Whether you are in Guangzhou, New York, London, Beijing, Delhi, Manila, Taipeh, Oman, Singapore … anywhere in the world …

More important, my book is for women to celebrate life … to learn that if you want to be happy, no one can stop you!

So here goes …. the preface … Why I Wrote This Book!

So what’s life after 50 anyway? I’ve gone through my wild days at 14, married at 24, had all my three girls by 31, changed careers at 30, had a break at 36, saw my life turn topsy turvy at 44, found it again at 48, at 53 preparing to launch my creative education license to the world …. What more could I ask for?
But life to me is more than just numbers …. Not just the passing of each day, but embracing each new day and making sure I put some meaning into it.
I want to share this book with you. Whether you are contemplating getting married, or just got married, or you have been together with your partner for decades. Whether you are expecting your first child, or have teens or grown-up children. Whether you live with your in-laws, or can’t stand the sight of them.
Have you ever asked yourself why these people are in your life? I did and realized that it’s for one simple reason: to teach us lessons in life. For whether it’s the man who shares my bed, my three angels who have given me so much joy, my well-meaning but intrusive in-laws, they all have lessons to teach me. Without them, life would not have been so fun!
I’ve come to terms with my life. I met the Dalai Lama at 48, and realized that life is about celebrating each day, embracing what it offers me. I’m thankful for the people that came into my life. From each I learnt a valuable lesson.
So go on, live life with a passion. Don’t give up on it. Give it all you have. Because you have only this life to live. And I discovered this truth when I tried to end it.
Read this book and tell me after this if you’ll give your life one more shot …. To love, live dangerously! And yes, have fun!


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