It’s Not What You Look At, It’s What You See That Matters

Welcome to Chapter 3 of my book, Love! Live Dangerously! And have Fun! This chapter is about my dream …. to give every child this right to dream and write. Frankly, I don’t know how I am going to do it. I really, seriously, hope to get a licensee, a strategic partner, who can see what I see. Yes, I’ve had interest from Indonesia, Thailand and Manila. I am keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that I would be able to bring 10 years of my hard work overseas. Please, Please, make this miracle happen!

Chapter 3

It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see, that matters.
Say that again. This has always been my mantra. I practice this with myself, my children, my in-laws, my team. What’s past is history, learn from it and move on. Take the journey, experience it, enjoy it!
It’s strange that I am writing this here, right on top of the Great Wall of China, on the stone slab, on my IPad. Just imagine thousands of years ago, a young rebellious visionary united all the disparate states and called it Zhongshan Guo or Middle Kingdom. This young 20-something year-old then wanted to keep the “barbarians” off his new found kingdom and built this massive wall.
2,000 years later, now in 2012, it is a tourist attraction with even a cable car leading to it. But imagine the young emperor who had this insane desire to protect the country he founded. Who might not even live to see the Great Wall he envisioned finished before he died. But did he ever worry about it? History has it that he searched for immortality. But he carried on his life’s work. It was what drives him. I am sure he saw a China united, where his people thrived. But first he had to build. His dream kept him going ….. With a fervor that earned him a place in the history books. It was his legacy to the world!
I stand in awe at the very rampart used to keep off invaders. I marvel at what he has done, one lone man who built his own life around his people. I don’t think he cared about how history judged him. I don’t think he worried about how he could get the money to build it. I don’t think he cared about himself. He had a dream, a passion, and he lived it! He came. He saw. He did something!
Is this me? I came. I looked at the children around me. I want to give them hope. Books are my life. Writing and publishing gives me hope. It gives me life. I want to give this to them. I saw that I could build the next generation of thinkers and writers with my Eco-system.
I spent 10 years putting this whole concept together. Can I now build this with the children around the world? Catherine Khoo came. She saw. She created the Young Author family. Now, can she take an extra step and bring this globally? With a team of five, and a super-oversized dream of giving every child the right to read and write?
Why do I do it? Could it be a legacy I want to leave to my three girls? Yes, and something more … I remember Margaret Ko, mother to 13-year-old Nicholas who I mentored in the Advanced Young Author Scheme. “Nicholas did not tell me about his writing,” she shared when she dropped by the office. “I never knew he could write. And especially the last chapter. I was so touched. I felt he was trying to talk to me through this.”
And I realized that the Young Author Scheme actually do build bonds. For what is writing about? It’s about sharing. It’s about communication. Communication that transcend spoken words. For we write what we feel.
I believe in myself. I believe in my dream. I believe in giving. This is what drives me. From the Young Author Scheme to the Young Author Club to the Young Author Award, to the Young Reader Club, I’ve built this dream. Despite the naysayers, despite the countless years of no-pay, despite the “hey-you-are-running-a-business, you-are-just-putting-bums-on-seats” mentality of many businesspeople I’ve met, I’ve done it! I now need to go further.
Can I? On the Great Wall of China, one man did it. The Unique Classroom. Creative education. Building a library of Asian literature. For children. By children. Can one woman do it? I believe I can.


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