The Price To Pay For Peace

9th May 2014. After 16 years, I came back to Kyushu. Last time I came was on a press trip. SIA started flights and invited PHP Institute, and I went along. It was an eye-opener….. for Kyushu, especially Nagasaki and the Peace Museum, made me wonder why we fight and when we do, why do we have to inflict so much suffering and pain to our fellow men?
Aristotle once said, “We make war to have peace.” Noted gurus and philosophers argue that, only in suffering, can we see the true nature of men.” Perhaps this is so. Or how can we explain the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan’s civilians? Who are going about their normal lives on the morning of 9 August 1945? I felt my hair stand as I saw the pictures of the victims, who a moment (yes, just a second) ago, was either reading a book, or tending to their vegetables in the farm, or writing at their desks in school. In a flash (pun intended), the world became a bitter pill to swallow, for the power of science in the hands of men who wielded the most power, begs a question: Should we play God? Or is God playing with us mere mortals?


The victims of the war


Mother's love brings contentment in death


Thank goodness it happened instantly for him


Clothes are not scant protection from extreme burning heat


Fatman changed the way the world. Energy became a weapon of mass destruction.


Death, death everywhere and not a soul in sight


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