Love, Japanese Style

On the way to Kagoshima, our tour guide, who happens to be a Taiwanese married to a Japanese, was sharing about the merits of being married to a Japanese wife. Truth be told, or if you are a Japanese wife reading my blog….. Tell me if it’s this tradition today. Here goes: A Japanese wife does not work. She wakes up at 5:30 to wake up her kids for school, sends them off, then prepares breakfast for her husband and off he goes for work. And yes, the husband gives his whole pay packet to his wife. And her husband does not return home till late. He treats the house like a hotel. Out early morning and back really late. Why? Coz the Japanese home is so small that the couple will get in each other’s way. The only time they spend together is during the weekends. Seems to me this is like most cities in the world…… the quest for economic gains has eroded the family togetherness. Yes, I’ve heard this many times, have even lived through this. Therein lies the similarity. Now, again I need someone, a Japanese lady of a good enough age to verify this. The Japanese government actually gives every month, to every couple at age 65, ¥25k for the husband and ¥10k for the wife. Cool, isn’t it?
And my guide said something that hit straight home. The couple discovers love, meaning really knowing and understanding each other, only when they retire and well, spending time together.
Isn’t this so romantic? But will it work in today’s world? I find this really sweet but then, if you have read my book, you’ll wonder how much patience is needed on both sides. Can we? I believe it’s a matter of believing in the positive. No one’s perfect.


I love Japanese temples. They are so serene.


The man of my life....


At Sakurajima. Behind us is an active volcano


Kumamoto Castle


The solid strong temple gate


Big open spaces give breathing space. This is what everyone needs!


So majestic, the power of nature!


Coastal Kagoshima


Overlooking Kagoshima Harbour. Notice the glow..... Just after the hot sand bath.


Villages nestled in a sea of green. Can I retire here?


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