The best new year present …. Kid’s play

The best new year present ….. Kid’s play

When I keyed in Playgrou…, immediately the word “playground” sprung up as a word. Interesting …. I think playgroups are essentially playgrounds for 18 to 36 months. At this age, what do kids do? They play. They learn visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile skills through play.

I enjoyed the audit. First in the new year. And so fulfilling and an eye-opener. It’s so wonderful to meet the two teachers, who have grown-up children but still am contributing to their personal growth by working with these children. As a mother, it’s really lovely to go back again to a Playgroup. During my daughters’ time, Playgroups were a rarity. Now some 20 years later, they are the norm. I remember Pat’s first day in kindergarten when she was five. She literally stood at the window, shedding tears and stretching out her hand through the window grille to her grandma. Lasted for a month. Seems just yesterday. Can’t imagine then that this crybaby would be a toughie lawyer today 🙂

When these kids played with matching shapes, hey, my heart went a-flutter! Aaw, I bought this for Pat when she turned one. Went shopping and found this sturdy, non-toxic, suitable for infants “playskool” toys. And as I guided her tiny hands to the right shapes, and saw her joy when she inserted the shape into the corresponding hole, I felt the tears of happiness well up in my eyes, hey I can’t explain why but I get happy when my girls are happy. Take it that mothers love unconditionally and I’m an emo mum!