We walked where emperors used to tread

Day 2: We walked where emperors used to tread

Today my mum used her tongkat and I was really happy. I like her resilience, her strength. If anything were to happen to me, I know she could cope. It’s important for her …. I saw her struggle from denial, through depression, through coping with Anthony’s death, to reliance on herself. She has learnt self-reliance. Mum’s a fighter … I think I learnt that from her. She walked all by herself through the Forbidden City, all three hours and I am proud of her.

But frankly, I can’t communicate with her. She’s too egoistic, too narcissistic, and I don’t think she’ll ever change. But I’m glad she’s actively involving herself with helping out in the church. At least she has friends her own age. Although she gripes now and then, I think she has moved on.