What We Can Learn From A Child

Today SF and me attended the wake of a 7-year-old child. He was the nephew of a good friend of mine, Channy. Why did I go to pay my respects when I didn’t even know the child? I think it has to do with being a mother and wanting to be there for his loved ones. And I learnt something today that I don’t think I’ll ever learn from any book I’ve read.

Channy told me that his nephew was a sickly child when he was born. Had diabetes when he was 11 months and did not even attend school because of his week immune system. Yet he was a happy child. He’ll greet everyone, talk with everyone and it dawned on me that he just wanted to learn everything he could learn before he left the earth. For? Heaven, of course, because he believed, and I could sense it when I looked at his cherubic face as he slept peacefully …. that angels go to heaven! Channy told me that his nephew started packing his satchel with things he loved one fine day …. And when his father asked him where he was going …. he said, matter-of-factly, going to heaven!

I see lots of people every day going through the motion of living. I wonder, do they feel life? Do they wake up, greet each morning with enthusiasm and joy knowing they have another day to make a difference for someone, for themselves …. or do they just plod through the day, never feeling the warmth, the laughter,the joy, of living?

This 7-year-old taught me the one lesson I shall never forget ….that life is about living each day well. See, smell, feel, touch, enjoy, laugh, dance, sing … In short, live your life today! Rest in peace, little Jun Xuan 🙂