One child. One story. One dream fulfilled! Part 2

So, Concept: Publishing. Most people don’t understand publishing. They feel the author writes the perfect book, it gets printed and that’s all there is to publishing. That’s as naïve a view as thinking that having tuition and doing assessments would make a smart kid. Okay, no clear link between the two analogies. (Just wanted to make a point!)

Publishing is an art by itself. That’s why I am in it. That’s why I am passionate about it. There’s nothing so fascinating as taking a manuscript in its pure war MS Word format, and transforming it with editing, design and layout into a book which another person, a stranger, someone else halfway across the world, picks up and reads it, and better still, finds it an enjoyable read.

Imagine this scenario. A child writes a story. He sends it in for the Young Author Award. It gets shortlisted. He wins a prize. The story gets published and he’s on top of the world! Research has shown that this spurs his commitment to do more. And that’s better than all the tuition in the world!

Okay, publishing is an art. But it doesn’t end with getting the book out. The most crucial is getting the book off the shelves and into somebody’s reading list. That’s the challenge. But as the world evolves electronically, so does the publishing world. And this is where I feel the opportunities are endless. Imagine I write a book today, it gets published into an ebook, it goes into multiple platforms: amazon’s kindle, google books, Ipads, androids – imagine the possibilities!

And this is what I offer – the 3 in 1 solution to any young child! So, all the way from learning to create, to creating, to selling his creation to the whole world!